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About Us

Our Approach to Web Design

Moximetrics is raising the bar for web design – working hand in hand with our clients to handcraft a website that tells the unique story of their company and brand.

Our work is wide ranging and includes industries such as hospitality, insurance, real estate and personal brands. Please take a minute to look at our portfolio – we like to think it does the talking for us.

Cory Parravano

Cory Parravano

For the past five years, Cory Parravano's career has focused on helping businesses achieve their goals. At Moximetrics Cory is responsible for developing organic customer acquisitions strategies and all website designs.

Cory discovered his passion for helping businesses grow while working as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at one of California's top Digital Agencies. Cory has helped companies across many industries broaden their outreach efforts and acquire new business.

In late 2017, Cory co-founded Moximetrics Digital with his partner Tyler Hervey. Their collaborative efforts enabled Moximetrics to offer enterprise-level Digital Marketing services to any size business.

Tyler Hervey

Tyler Hervey

Tyler Hervey helps businesses make the most of their online presence. At Moximetrics he’s responsible for Web Technology and Marketing Funnel Optimization.

Tyler graduated from UCLA in 2012 with a focus on Eastern Asian Studies. He began his career in Digital in 2016 serving as a project manager for an Interpublic Group company in Beijing, China where he managed websites for corporate clients such as Kaiser Permanente and Diageo Group.

At the end of 2017, seeing an opportunity to combine their Web and SEO experience, Tyler co-founded Moximetrics Digital with Cory Parravano to bring their combined expertise to Nashville where they could make a more significant impact.

When not reading up on the latest Marketing growth hacks he’s drinking ample amounts of cold brew and perfecting his deadlift.